Best Things About Fall

The best things about fall include those cool, crisp fall mornings when the dew and fog is rising from the fields encompassing the bounty of produce. Fall brings us pumpkins, winter squash, popcorn, beets, broccoli, cauliflower, greens, potatoes, green beans, and more.

Just as the weather begins to change so does the types and amounts of produce available. We begin to leave the warm weather crops of zucchini, watermelon, and tomatoes behind for the longer cooking and deeper flavors of rich and delicious winter squash.

Fall also brings us decorations such as pumpkins and gourds. These pumpkins and gourds can adorn our homes and yards and then can be cooked into pumpkin pies and great desserts.

If you are wondering how to use winter squash, check out these 8 Wonderful Winter Squash Recipes to Keep you Warm This Autumn from Life As Mama blog. If you want to pick up products to try this recipe or more great food, don’t forget to stop by the Columbia Farmers Market on Saturday’s from 8am to noon and pick up some of our great fall products.

Shop Online

Our online store has been updated!! Head on over and check out our selection of cherry tomato plants, heirloom tomato plants, pepper plants, spinach, asparagus, radishes, chives, turnips, swiss chards, and The Veggie Patch merchandise. All online orders need to be placed by noon on Friday to ensure pick up on Saturday at the Columbia Farmers Market from 8am to 11:45am. If you don’t want to order online remember the market is open and following safe practices and you can come visit us on site on Saturday from 8am to noon.

The Veggie Patch Online Store

It’s Not Too Late To Sign Up for a CSA!!

If you’ve been debating whether or not to try out a CSA (community supported agriculture) box there’s no better time to try it than the present.

With everyone currently at stay at home orders, limited products at grocery stores, and wanting to minimize contact by practicing social distancing, a CSA box is a great option.

Box subscriptions will begin May 1. All you have to do is go to our website: then fill out the contract and mail along with your payment.

All boxes are pre-packaged with 8-12 different products and can be picked up on Saturday’s at the Columbia Farmers Market from 8-11am, exception is from 8-8:30am shopping is currently limited to the elderly or those at high risk for COVID-19.

It’s an easy one stop shop to get a guaranteed box of products which will last you an entire week. It’s a great way to buy local, eat local, support local, and know exactly where your food is coming from.

Now Is The Time to Sign Up for a CSA!!

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a guaranteed box of fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. You may not think that February/March is the time to sign up for a CSA, but it is actually the perfect time. By signing up now it allows the producer to determine how much of various products to raise and then to also determine if there a specialty products to produce for their CSA subscribers.

If you want to learn more about The Veggie Patch’s CSA subscription, make sure to check out our CSA Contract on

Update on Weekday Markets for 2018

For our customers who usually visit us during the weekday markets. Here is an update in regards to weekday markets.

Due to construction taking place at the Ag Park, the Columbia Farmers Market have decided to not hold the Wednesday market this year. At least one weekday market will be reintroduced at the Ag Park next year.

Thursday Market, at the Forum Christian Church will happen this year. Unfortunately, Forum Christian Church also has construction going on this year, and their pavilion is inaccessible currently. As soon as the construction is done, the market will be able to go back into it. When there is a minimum of 3 vendors available for weekday markets, we will begin selling at Forum Christian Church in the parking lot. We will make sure to notify everyone when the weekday market begins.