Online Pre-Order Options

We have developed a Square website for the opportunity to pre-order products for pick up at the Columbia Farmers Market from 9am to 11am on Saturdays. Make sure to check out our website at: to place pre-orders by noon on Fridays.

Now Is The Time to Sign Up for a CSA!!

What is a CSA? CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is a guaranteed box of fruits and vegetables on a weekly basis. You may not think that February/March is the time to sign up for a CSA, but it is actually the perfect time. By signing up now it allows the producer to determine how much of various products to raise and then to also determine if there a specialty products to produce for their CSA subscribers.

If you want to learn more about The Veggie Patch’s CSA subscription, make sure to check out our CSA Contract on

Update on Weekday Markets for 2018

For our customers who usually visit us during the weekday markets. Here is an update in regards to weekday markets.

Due to construction taking place at the Ag Park, the Columbia Farmers Market have decided to not hold the Wednesday market this year. At least one weekday market will be reintroduced at the Ag Park next year.

Thursday Market, at the Forum Christian Church will happen this year. Unfortunately, Forum Christian Church also has construction going on this year, and their pavilion is inaccessible currently. As soon as the construction is done, the market will be able to go back into it. When there is a minimum of 3 vendors available for weekday markets, we will begin selling at Forum Christian Church in the parking lot. We will make sure to notify everyone when the weekday market begins.

Starting the Next Generation Young

The Veggie Patch was started in 1995 by Deanna Thies as a high school FFA project when she was 14 years old. Three years later her younger sister Jana joined in the business. As the years progressed, the business was transitioned to their dad Jim after his retirement from teaching high school agriculture. Deanna and Jana learned the value of agriculture, hard work, and producing high quality food at a young age. Now Jana’s son Owen is the 3rd generation of The Veggie Patch. At less than two years of age, he loves being outside, helping “Papa” pick produce, and is learning the foundations and values of agriculture at a young age. If we are able to educate the younger generation the success looks bright for the future of agriculture and feeding our future generations!!

The Times, They Are a Changing-For the Better!!

It’s amazing when a community can come together for the betterment of all.  For the last 22 years, we have been a part of the Columbia Farmers Market. It was always a goal to have a permanent structure, not worry about tents, have flush restrooms (lol), and have a Saturday destination spot for customers. Well, those ideas are coming to fruition!!! Make sure to check out the exciting 3D design of one of the greatest things that will ever happen to COMO.

Food for Thought on this Day of Giving Thanks

On this day of giving thanks, what are you thankful for? We are thankful for the opportunity to spend time with family and eat good, local products. 

It seems in the rush of wanting to buy presents and get to Christmas faster, we forget about the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Let us remember why we gather together on this day so we can give thanks for all we have, those we get to spend it with, and the awesome food we get to eat.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Veggie Patch.